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Pianist & Collaborative Artist

A passionate and outgoing pianist, Manuel is dedicated to sharing his vision of music with audiences and young musicians alike.


Born in Lisbon, Portugal, Manuel’s natural interest for music was evident from a young age. He quickly developed a love for the piano, leading him to pursue further studies in London, and later Brussels, where he’s currently based.  He is committed to promoting the Portuguese piano repertoire and providing guidance to a new generation of young musicians.


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Cinco Prelúdios op. 1, Armando José Fernandes
1. Moderato com sentimento
2. Presto giocoso
3. Allegro non troppo
4. Andante con moto
5. Allegretto
Sete Prelúdios, António Fragoso
1. Muito vivo
2. Muito lento
3. Allegretto com graça
4. Allegretto molto
5. Calmo
6. Andantino
7. Vivo
© Recording by Benjamin Scoyez at Mono Sound 

© Mastering by Luca Piovesan at BlowOutStudio