I was 5 years old when I first started taking piano lessons. The beginning was not uncommon, my parents thought it would be good for their child to pick up an instrument and when faced with choosing between the violin and the piano, they didn’t have to think too hard!

I really started playing the piano a few years later, under the guidance of Mariana Cruz, a caring and dedicated piano teacher, who amongst many other things, taught me the power of discipline.

Around that same time, I experienced a memorable musical episode, that would fuel my determination for years to come –  I sat in the main hall of the Brussels Conservatoire, listening to pianist Fazil Say play a recital dedicated to the music of J.S.Bach – I now realise that my love for his music was born that evening.

After a fruitful 8 years, going through most of what an aspiring musician must go through, I moved to London to carry on studying at Trinity College of Music, with pianist Mikhail Kazakevich. I was rather fascinated by this impressive figure, in every sense of the word, and quickly found out that we shared a common love: our love for Bach’s music! I knew I was in good hands.

After finishing my studies, I decided to go back to where it all started, Brussels, to try to find my space in the music industry. This search led me to Nelson Delle-Vigne, who spent a big part of his life helping young professionals find a path of their own, and it would now be my turn. Since joining his Fondation Bell’arte, I’ve had the opportunity to perform across Europe and in different continents, collaborate with numerous artists and work with aspiring young musicians.

These experiences have nurtured an inevitable need to pass on the message – alongside my performing career, I spend my time teaching the piano, and do so with great passion and dedication. I owe this responsibility not only to my craft, but also to the teachers I had, to their generosity and unwavering devotion to music. 

A significant part of our lives is shaped by the people we encounter along the way, and the piano has been an incredibly powerful vehicle for meeting all sorts of caring, inspiring and helping individuals. From students, to teachers, to fellow musicians and members of the audience, music has given me the privilege to connect with the world around us and crucially, to connect with my inner self, and have the unique opportunity to delve deeper into who I truly am.